Effects of xanthan and guar gums on starch digestibility and texture of rice flour blend bread


Tomoko Sasaki


Cereal Chemistry. 95, 1 (Sep. 2017) 177-184


The addition of xanthan gum to the bread formula had a high impact on the staling of the crumb compared with guar gum. The addition of gums suppressed the recovery of the crumb after compression. The extent of starch digestion of the bread crumb was determined by an in vitro method using two types of bread crumb samples, milled samples after freeze‐drying and ground samples after moistening. Starch digestibility of the bread crumb reduced after the addition of gums. Xanthan gum resulted in a more pronounced suppressive effect, which was concentration‐dependent. The addition of xanthan gum at concentrations ≥1% to the bread formula caused a significant decrease in the extent of starch digestion in both the samples.


Background and objectives