In vitro inhibition of lipase, a-amylase, a-glucosidase, and angiotensin-converting enzyme by defatted rice bran extracts of red-pericarp rice mutant


Shiow-Ying Chiou ... []


Cereal Chemistry. 95, 1 (Sep. 2017) 167-176


Yields of extracts ranged from 16.45% (E0) to 11.57% (E95). The E50 and E75 had higher total phenols (79.2–80.9 mg ferulic acid equivalent (FAE)/g extract) than other extracts. The E75 and E95 had higher total flavonoids (20.46–21.35 mg catechin equivalent/g extract). The most abundant phenolic acid and flavonoid were ferulic acid and catechin, respectively. Both E50 and E75 had higher inhibitory activity against lipase (IC50, 35.95–35.97 mg/ml), α‐amylase (IC50, 21.99–22.02 mg/ml), α‐glucosidase (IC50, 1.67 mg/ml), and ACE (IC50, 2.93–2.97 mg/ml).


Background and objectives