Drying kinetics and quality of potato chips undergoing different drying techniques = ผลของวิธีและสภาวะการอบแห้งต่อจลนศาสตร์การอบแห้งและคุณภาพของมันฝรั่งแผ่น


น้ำทิพย์ ลีรัตนรักษ์


วิทยานิพนธ์. (2004) 100 หน้า



The effects of blanching, drying method, and drying temperature on the drying kineticsand quality parameters of potato chips were investigated in this study. Hot air dryingand low-pressure superheated steam drying (LPSSD) of potato chips underwent variousblanching periods (0, 1, 3, 5 min) were carried out at different drying temperatures (70,80, and 90?C) at an absolute pressure of 7 kPa (for LPSSD) to monitor the dryingkinetics and quality of potato chips in terms of color, texture, and brown pigmentaccumulation. In terms of the drying kinetics, the blanching time as well as the dryingtemperature were found to have an effect on the moisture reduction rate of samples,both in cases of hot air drying and LPSSD. It was evident that blanching could increasethe drying rates of both hot air drying and LPSSD. Moreover, it was found that LPSSDtook shorter time to dry the product to the final desired moisture content than thatrequired by hot air drying when the drying temperatures were higher than 80?C. Interms of the quality of the dried product, it was found that blanching time and dryingtemperature had significant effects on the color, browning index, and hardness of theproduct under certain conditions. Drying method had no obvious effect on the productquality except in terms of the browning index. Longer blanching time and lower dryingtemperature caused better color retention and lower browning index. Blanching alsoreduced the hardness and shrinkage of the product; however, the use of differentblanching periods did not significantly affect the product texture. The chips underwenthot air drying at 90?C had the highest browning index while those underwent LPSSD atthe same condition had less browning index but possessed the best texture due topuffing. Considering the data both in terms of the drying behavior and the dried productquality, LPSSD at 90?C was proposed as the most favorable condition for drying ofpotato chips