Effect of various food additives on the levels of 4(5)-methylimidazole in a soy sauce model system


Sumin Lee ... [et.al.]


Journal of food science. 81,1 (2016) T262-T267


Caramel colorant. Food additives. Organic acid. Soy sauce.


In this study, the effect of food additives such as iron sulfate, magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate, citric acid, gallic acid, and ascorbic acid on the reduction of 4(5)‐methylimidazole (4(5)‐MI) was investigated using a soy sauce model system. The concentration of 4(5)‐MI in the soy sauce model system with 5% (v/v) caramel colorant III was 1404.13 μg/L. The reduction rate of 4(5)‐MI level with the addition of 0.1M additives followed in order: iron sulfate (81%) > zinc sulfate (61%) > citric acid (40%) > gallic acid (38%) > ascorbic acid (24%) > magnesium sulfate (13%). Correlations between 4(5)‐MI levels and the physicochemical properties of soy sauce, including the amount of caramel colorant, pH value, and color differences, were determined. The highest correlations were found between 4(5)‐MI levels and the amount of caramel colorant and pH values (r2 = 0.9712, r2 = 0.9378). The concentration of caramel colorants in 8 commercial soy sauces were estimated, and ranged from 0.01 to 1.34% (v/v)