Coalho cheese made with protease from thermomucor indicae-seudaticaeN31:technological potential of the new coagulantfor the production of high-cooked cheese


Carolina Merheb-Dini … [et al.]


Journal of Food Science 81(3)2016:C563-C568


Capillary electrophoresi. Chemical acidificatio. Coalho cheese. High-cook. Melting.


The aim of this study was to explore the use of a new coagulant from Thermomucor indicae‐seudaticae N31 for the manufacture of a high‐cooked starter‐free cheese variety, by evaluating its physicochemical and functional characteristics in comparison to cheeses made with a traditional commercial coagulant. Coalho cheese was successfully produced with the new protease as it exhibited comparable characteristics to the one produced using the commercial enzyme: pH behavior during manufacture; cheese composition; protein and fat recovery; and cheese yield. In addition, during storage, melting was low and not affected by storage time; the increase of TCA 12% soluble nitrogen (% of total nitrogen) was lower than half of that of pH 4.6 soluble nitrogen (% of total nitrogen); concentration of β‐CN significantly decreased, whereas αs1‐CN concentration was not affected by storage time