Development of small scale pasteurizer for acidified bulk package bamboo shoot = การพัฒนาหม้อฆ่าเชื้อขนาดเล็กสำหรับหน่อไม้ปี๊บปรับกรด


สุมิตร เชื่อมชัยตระกูล


วิทยานิพนธ์. (2005) 73 หน้า



This research aimed at developing a small scale pasteurizer for acidified bamboo shoot in bulk package of 24x24x34 cm with the capacity of 500 units per day and to establish thermal process for this product. In this work, food safety, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and environmental friendly were considered. The work was divided into two parts. The first part concerned determination of heat flux and heat input from the burner. The data obtained were used to design and construct the pasteurizer. In the second part, a temperature distribution test was carried out to investigate the slowest heating zone in the pasteurizing equipment. The cold point of the product was determined. Heat penetration study was conducted and thermal process was established. The preliminary test of a single bulk package showed the heat flux of 15.89 kW/m2 and heat input from the burner of 16.43 kW. The pasteurizer was constructed using stainless steel 304 having dimension of 120x380x50 cm. and using 6 units of burner (model KB-10). It was designed to hold 56 bulk packages. Boiling water was used as a heating medium and liquid petroleum gas, L.P.G was used as an energy source. Temperature distribution test showed the uniform heat distribution of the equipment. The cold point of the product was located at 15% of the height from the bottom along the central line of vertical axis. Finally, thermal process of acidified bamboo shoot in bulk package (having fill weight and net weight of 14 kg and 20 kg respectively) was established as follows: minimum initial product temperature was at room temperature, process time of 20 minutes at 97ํC (to obtain the product temperature at cold point of 85ํC for at least 5 min)