One For All


ธนกร เชียรวานิช, Setthawut Lertwatsana, แจ็คกี้ เลิศวาสนา


อัศวิน มังกาย




พ.ศ. 2564


These three paragraphs are the result of combining each of us paragraphs; Me(Andy) doing the opening paragraph, Trin doing the body paragraph, and Jacky doing the closing paragraph. We, as a team formed a group creating one of the world’s changing inventions. This is an invention that would help the world to be inclusive and etc. more people would have the opportunity whether they have disabilities or not. Given this chance we are working our hardest to make the best out of this astonishing opportunity given for us.

By pure luck, we met our teachers who were able to teach a deaf kid but far be it from him to teach a blind kid because of how the programming app was structured. And because we want to try something new, we were determined to help him and came up with an original idea; we’re going to make a coding keyboard especially for young starters. To put it bluntly, it’s going to be a challenging project since we just started learning to program two weeks ago but with our team determination, I’m convinced that our project will be a success.

As you can see, for helping and learning purposes we are gradly appreciate by the chance we receive. We will work on this project to the best of our abilities to succeed. Furthermore, we will extend our idea for the greater goods.