Rye and wheat bran extracts isolated with pressurized solvents increase oxidative stability and antioxidant potential of beef meat hamburgers


Vaida Sulniute … [et al.]


Journal of Food Science 81(2)2016:H519-H527


Antioxidant activity. Beef hamburger. Global antioxidant response. Rye bran extract. Wheat bran extract. Antioxidant activity. Beef. Cooking (Beef). Wheat bran. Hamburgers.


Rye and wheat bran extracts containing phenolic compounds and demonstrating high DPPH• (2,2‐diphenyl‐1‐picrylhydrazyl), ABTS•+ (2,2′‐azino‐bis(3‐ethylbenzthiazoline‐6‐sulphonic acid) scavenging and oxygen radical absorbance capacities (ORAC) were tested in beef hamburgers as possible functional ingredients. Bran extracts significantly increased the indicators of antioxidant potential of meat products and their global antioxidant response (GAR) during physiological in vitro digestion. The extracts also inhibited the formation of oxidation products, hexanal and malondialdehyde, of hamburgers during their storage; however, they did not have significant effect on the growth of microorganisms. Hamburgers with 0.8% wheat bran extract demonstrated the highest antioxidant potential. Some effects of bran extracts on other quality characteristics such as pH, color, formation of metmyoglobin were also observed, however, these effects did not have negative influence on the overall sensory evaluation score of hamburgers. Consequently, the use of bran extracts in meat products may be considered as promising means of increasing oxidative product stability and enriching with functional ingredients which might possess health benefits