Numerical investigation of granular flow in rotating drum bioreactor = การประยุกต์ใช้เทคนิคเชิงตัวเลขในการทำนายการไหลของเมล็ดวัสดุในถังหมักแบบหมุน


พงศ์ศิริ เต็มวิริยะนุกูล


วิทยานิพนธ์. (2007) 78 หน้า



Solid state Fermentation (SSF) is the fermentation of solid granules with no excess water. Previous experience has shown that there are several challenging problems during the fermentation of solid granules in Rotating Drum Bioreactors (RDB). The most prominent prominent problem can be observed in reactors of larger scales, where significant non-uniformity in the product quality is obvious. IN particular, the radial mixing of solid particles is apparently not sufficient and must be investigated. Therefore, the present study aimed to attack this problem by means of numerical simulation using Computational Fluid Dynamics (DFD) technique. Several contributions were made to simulate the flow of dense granular materials as a continuum with CFD, especially the proposal to use Bingham fluid models, which appeared to be the most promising technique. Numerical studies using such a model of Bingham fluid were conducted and it was found that the accuracy of the prediction was comparable to that of other models in the literature. The developed technique could then be used toaid the design of rotating drum bioreactors. Moreover, the use of CFD could reduce the cost to design and modify reactor to maximize the efficiency of the reators