Effect of kraft lignin on properties of defatted rice bran protein blend = อิทธิพลของลิกนินคราฟท์ที่มีต่อสมบัติของวัสดุที่ทำจากโปรตีนรำข้าวสกัดน้ำมัน


ปิยาภรณ์ รัตนธรรม


วิทยานิพนธ์. (2012) 73 หน้า



The aim of this research was to study the effect of Kraft lignin (KL) on rheological dn functional properties of defatted rice bran protein (DRBP) blend. DRBP was extracted from defatted rice bran by alkaline extraction. DRBP p;asticized with 30% glycerol was blended with 0-70% KL and then hot-molded using compression molding. Viscosity, storage modulus, mechanica properties and water absorption of plasticized KL/DRBP blend were respectively determined by capillary rheometer, dynamic mechanical thermal analysis, texture analyzer and water immersion method. Concerning the rheological properties, KL addition resulted in a decrease in viscosity and storage modulus in rubbery state of DRBP blends at processing temperature. In addition, an introduction of KL in DRBP blend improved functional properties and water absorption. The KL/DRBP bioplastics exhibited higher Young's modulus and tensile strength and lower water absorption compared to DRBP-based materials