Preparation of Maillard reaction flavor additive from germinated wheat and its effect on bread quality


Fengfeng Wu ... []


Cereal Chemistry. 95, 1 (Sep. 2017) 98-108


Through an orthogonal experiment, the sensory evaluation score by the Friedman rank test was used as an indicator to determine the best technological parameters for making the Maillard reaction flavor additive from germinated wheat: A 1:2 ratio of 2‐day‐old/3‐day‐old germinated wheat flour, a 130°C baking temperature, and 15 min baking time were found to be optimal. Then, the effect of the Maillard reaction products on bread quality was studied. The results revealed that the optimum addition of the Maillard reaction product was 3%, which could produce bread with more baking flavor and best sensory assessment without affecting the bread specific volume, texture, and color.


Background and objectives