The Adsorption of Heavy Metal of Chromium (III) Ion from Aqueous Solution by Using Natural Zeolites in Laboratory Scale

  • Nithiporn Lakkasorn

  • Pornpan Pungpo


Department of Chemistry, Faculty of science, Ubonratchathani University






01 มกราคม 2541


The natural zeolites have been applied to adsorb chromium (III) ions from sample water in laboratory scale using batch method. The adsorbents used in this study are natural zeolites found in the region of Songkhla province, defined as A, B, C, D, E, F and G, respectively.The results show that natural zeolites of A, C, D, E and G are successfully used to significantly reduce chromium (III) ions from sample water with adsorption efficiency higher than 90 %. The optimum of the ratio of zeolite per water sample is 30 g/L for zeolites A, C, D and G and 40 g/L for zeolite E, respectively. The optimum adsorption time is 1 hour for five zeolites. The increase of chromium (III) ions initial concentration, results in decreased adsorption efficient. For the adsorption isotherms studies, the obtained isotherm corresponds well to the Freundlich isotherms more than the Langmiur isotherms.