Co-heat Energy Incubator between Solar and Used Vegetable oil Energy

  • Teerawat Kheajornsit

  • Suhart Jaidee

  • Assist.Prof. Vijit Choawunklang


Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University






01 มกราคม 2541


This research aims to invent the co heat incubator used energy from solar and used vegetable oil. Solar energy get from solar chamber and used vegetable oil energy get from invented heat which designed to transfer heat from used vegetable oil lamp through two layers iron tube to incubator. The incubator size was 52 x 52 x 102 cm with capacity of 64 eggs a time. Main material used were plywood, right angle aluminum and aluminum foil. Egg tray and automatic reverse set (every hour) was done with water tray for increasing moisture under the egg tray. Six holes were made for ventilating. Dish thermometer was used to control the temperature. A fan was used to control and distribute heat from solar energy part to the incubator. Results showed that invented incubator was able to heat in the range of 35.0 38.8 oC, moisture at 50 68%, with percentage of hatching was 75.59%.