A study of Physics student’s learning model: force and motion

  • Utumporn Srisakorn

  • Assist. Prof. Chaiyapong Ruangsuwan


Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Khon Kaen University






01 มกราคม 2541


This research was to study the student’s background in force and motion concepts and the effectiveness of traditional lecture on force and motion concepts. The first year physics students were subjected to Force Motion Concepts Evaluation test (FMCE), both per post test attending the lecture on the force and motion concepts. The pre post test were analyzed by using statistics and Model analysis method, both individual and class model. It was found that the students had inadequate background in force and motion concepts. The learning model also represented that many students were using their own model or common sense to solve the problem. The indicator of class’s model is Eigenvalue. The post test showed that students are still do not have well understand in Newton’s Third law and Energy more surprising their understand in Acceleration and Newton’s first and second law decreased. It can be concluded that the traditional lecture has low effectiveness.